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Stanwix Carlisle Business Directory

If you want customers from Stanwix get yourself listed here and help Stanwix Community Association as well as yourself! Win Win!

Stanwix is the Northern Hub of the Great Border City of Carlisle.

stanwix next to carlisle's important  northern business parks

Stanwix - a Hive of Activity

Stanwix has a high concentration of family homes mixed in with a lot of retail, service and commercial activity. It's an ideal place to be found... online or on the ground.

From Eden Bridge to Kingstown Industrial Estate there are dozens of businesses large and small.  Whether you are a Stanwix resident looking for the nearest place to get keys cut or a big company looking for a local supplier to keep money flowing in the county, there's a fair chance you could find them in the Stanwix area.  Get yourself listed here and create a community of supportive business owners and service suppliers.