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Great Stanwix Run

Join us for the very first Great Stanwix Run on Sunday 3rd May 2009! – A two mile Fun Run/Walk with ALL proceeds going to the Stanwix Community Association. Stanwix Community Association are PROUD to announce; in conjunction with GB Event Management Ltd, this new fund raising venture.

Mike James Managing Director of GB Event Management Ltd is the Chair of the Stanwix Community Association in Carlisle and he is staging the event on a voluntary basis, for the community of Stanwix to raise funds to ensure that children’s services can continue to be provided within the local area. All entrants are asked to raise at least £10.00 each for the Stanwix Community Association. All participants will receive a special commemorative medal.

The Stanwix Community Association is committed to providing a structured community service to the people of Stanwix. Due to funding issues, there is a real risk that the Community Huts will not be able to continue offering Pre-School, After School and Youth Club sessions unless we can raise the necessary funds. This event is crucial to our fundraising efforts and we need your help … it really is a case of value it or lose it!

We have set ourselves the goal of replacing the aging and decrepit prefab huts with facilities that we can be proud to offer to our community. It’s quite astonishing that in Stanwix, such a relatively well off corner of the City of Carlisle, our community facilities are frankly, embarrassing.

Much of the Association committee’s time is taken up with keeping these aging buildings limping along. We are now taking the first steps in transforming the Community facilities into a resource that we can be proud to send our next generations of youngsters to.

10 enthusiastic committee members can’t do it for you. NOW is the time when we call on the community at large to get involved and make a commitment – yes I know, another commitment in our already busy lives!

First of all your time and fund raising abilities on May 3rd to join in on the Great Stanwix Fun Run. This will generate a cash boost to get the rebuilding fund off the ground.

After the fun run, which has been arranged by GB Events, as their first major community sponsorship we will be actively recruiting new committee members to help us in the huge task ahead and spread the load into manageable chunks. With a bit of extra commitment from many, OUR target of creating facilities to be proud of, is emminently achievable.

Come to the Run, bring your granny … and the buggy … and your distant relatives, let’s get the whole of Stanwix off it’s communal backside and out in the fresh air for a Grand day Out!.

WILL YOU be willing to take that extra step and help out on the committee. Even if you can’t face the drudgery of committees an offer of your professional expertise to the project could be very valuable.

You can enter the fun run online via the link to Q-buster’s Great Stanwix Fun Run 2009 booking page.

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