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Border Extreme Cleaning

Posted in on Wednesday, September 16, 2020

Border Extreme Cleaning
Border Extreme Cleaning, Logo. Carlisle based crime scene and extreme cleaning specialists. Border Extreme Cleaning are a partnership of Mike Telford and Nathan Smith. During previous their previous work together in pest control, they realised that there was very little capability in the region to deal with dangers of bio-hazardous waste cleaning.

Following long experience of very messy pest control jobs across the Carlisle area and into Cumbria and the surrounding Borders region, they noticed that too many people were oblivious to the risks of handling these types of waste.  There are particular risks in handling the remains left over after pest control, criminal activity or the sad instances of undiscovered deaths which occur.

They took the opportunity to provide a new top-class, extreme cleaning solution, to the region. By removing unnecessary risks for existing customers, they began to attract a strong clientele who saw the value of the safe handling of potentially life threatening waste.

The team has invested heavily in a full range of the most up to date and relevant training courses to ensure that they are able to operate in line with current best practises. Border Extreme Cleaning provide safe professional industrial, extreme and crime scene cleaning services to the highest standard available in Cumbria, The Borders region and Northumberland.


Nathan Smith - Border Extreme Cleaning

Nathan Smith – Border Extreme Cleaning

Mike Telford

Mike Telford – Border Extreme Cleaning

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Border Extreme Cleaning


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