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Extract Engineering Ltd

Posted in on Tuesday, March 3, 2020

Extract Engineering Ltd

Extract Engineering Ltd: The Leading Common Rail Diesel Fuel Injector Testing, Cleaning And Repair Specialists in Cumbria, The North West and Scottish Borders

Extract Engineering Ltd testing common rail diesel injectors on the state of the art, Hartridge Sabre expert test rig in Cumbria

Extract Engineering Ltd is a family business skilled in the testing and refurbishment of common rail diesel fuel injectors and systems. Our lead engineer brings more than 10 years of experience to the work.

Extract Engineering’s strong point is the personalised service they offer to their customers and commercial clients alike. The premises on Kingstown Industrial Estate are just off the M6: north of Carlisle. This makes it very convenient for fleet and commercial operators to get to them for injector testing, instead of sending work down to the Midlands or even further south!

The current premises are furnished with state of the art diesel fuel testing equipment, which is an absolute coup for Carlisle. The company recently took the plunge and invested in a state of the art diesel injector testing rig… the Hartridge Sabre Expert. This allows the company to test and analyse the most modern diesel injectors in European and foreign diesel engines and to characterise them for the engine management systems in a detail that makes a huge difference to their environmental impact.

These testing and refurbishment services are very convenient for commercial operators across Cumbria, Lancashire, South West Scotland and the North East.

Extract Engineering Ltd started out as a specialist in removing stuck diesel injectors and glow plugs before moving on to testing, cleaning and refurbishment of the ultra high pressure diesel injectors and pumps that the common rail diesel fuel systems demanded. The company will still happily come out to extraction jobs but now they are only able to attend to jobs within a 20 mile radius as they are so busy testing and cleaning!

Our existing regular clients appreciate our personal, honest and reliable service. We are always happy to discuss diesel fuel issues with customers and offer advice on the most cost effective solutions for your individual circumstances.

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Extract Engineering Ltd


Unit 2, 43A Millbrook Road


Kingstown Industrial Estate





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01228 558866

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