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James Pittam Health & Fitness

Posted in on Thursday, January 17, 2019

James Pittam Health & Fitness

James Pittam Health & Fitness LogoJames Pittam Health and Fitness is a complete, specialist wellness team under the leadership of James Pittam. His military background and Royal Marine Commando ethos guide our team’s methods of supporting our clients, towards achieving tough health and fitness goals. The team work with a very wide clientele, from elite athletes and sports people to older clients and those with special needs. As an additional bonus they are within easy reach of Stanwix!

From his own Royal Marines training, which is the toughest military training in the west; James maintains his own immaculate fitness levels. There is no truck with changing fitness or diet fads, just a focussed traditional approach to interventions & a deep commitment to clients achieving their goals. James holds the advanced level 4 instructor and is a member of The Chartered Institute For The Management Of Sport And Physical Activity (CIMSPA). The other team members are all highly qualified and have a wealth of experience.

James Pittam: focussed fitness training PenrithOne of our customers’ favourite features of our team is their ability to design training and rehabilitation programmes to suit any individual, in any given training environment – be it gym or home-based. The range of wellness services includes: personal training, physiotherapy, chiropody, podiatry, sports remedial massage, sports therapy, food intolerance testing and fitness classes. This is a full wellness service

James Pittam: Personal Trainer

James Pittam Personal Trainer Penrith, in reach of StanwixIndividualised training programmes for individuals and small groups who are focussed on achieving fitness goals for sports performance or personal satisfaction. Programmes are tailored to your current level of fitness, your aspirational fitness level and the available time span.


Physio helps people of every age, shape, ethnicity or athletic prowess to retain mobility & build strength. Our expert team work to help you recover from sports injuries, improve daily mobility or reduce chronic pain. All the team are registered with the Chartered Society of Physiotherapy. We start with a clinical diagnosis to ensure you get the most appropriate treatment for your particular issue. With years of experience in the health and care profession we have the right mix of skills to get you back to training quicker, or improve a long-term condition.

Sports Remedial Massage

sports remedial massage CumbriaSports remedial massage is a method of deep tissue massage designed to stimulate your body and foster conditions for a return to normal health and mobility after injury. These techniques also restore functional mobility in patients enduring a range of musculoskeletal disorders. There are many benefits from remedial massage therapy for sports people in our mecca for active people. In the outdoor environments of the Lake District and Eden valley, it’s inevitable that adventures and athletic performance collide with immovable objects or swirling waters and injuries are sustained. A good therapeutic massage supports the normal treatments offered by GPs and hospitals.

Sports Therapy

This is a sports focused specialism of physiotherapy. Our sports therapist’s focus is on improving mobility and strength to cope with your sporting activities. It isn’t just for athletes. The benefits of sports therapy techniques we use, are improved mobility, relief of chronic pain and injury prevention. It’s a hands-on treatment regime focused on your musculo-skeletal system, that works on its own or alongside your current physiotherapy treatment. Our therapist will help you return to training or normal activities more quickly. This therapy can address: repetitive strain injury (RSI), hamstring injuries, plantar fasciitis, scar tissue, tendinitis and many other day to day conditions too!

Chiropody & Podiatry Service

Our newly recruited chiropodist and podiatrist specialise in helping your feet recover from sports injuries or biomechanical and foot placement problems. We also offer a range of routine foot treatments to help prevent and treat any issues that a non sporting client may be having too. Diagnosis and treatment of common foot problems, with expert advice on prevention, help to ensure that you don’t have foot problems in the future.

Food Intolerance Testing

We also operate a food sensitivity testing service for Cumbria residents. Currently we’re the only intolerance testing service in Cumbria which is affiliated with Lorisian. This is an accredited and trusted food intolerance testing laboratory of more than 35 years industry standing. After determining the type of food intolerance or sensitivity you are experiencing, we work with you to develop an action plan for your food intake.

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