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Peter Fleming Business Consultancy

Posted in on Monday, June 29, 2020

Peter Fleming Business Consultancy

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Peter Fleming has been involved in steering many business owners on to the path of success over the past decade. He moved from running a regional sales organisation to helping others fast track the learning that he had had to do piece by piece. Working with Peter begins with a free initial consultation to explore whether he and your business are a good match.

Ideally, this will consist of a face to face meeting for at least an hour as this has been the most effective format. In the emerging environment of 2020, an alternative medium can be arranged where clients feel more comfortable conversing at a distance.

Peter has been a senior manager and business owner who has amassed over 25 years experience of senior roles. He understands that sometimes lonely role. His own business journey gives Peter familiarity with the issues that are likely to be on your mind. Too often, business owners and employed business leaders carry these around with them, without the opportunity to share the burden with someone else who understands and has stood in those shoes. An initial consultation gives you the chance to speak openly and candidly to someone who has been through the majority of challenges you face. That alone can make a big difference to the way you visualise your progress.

Peter Fleming Business ConsultantAs your potential business consultant, Peter listens to your issues, concerns and ideas. He will ask further questions to gain insight into your circumstances and then share his perspective and understanding on where you are. Finally, he will make a proposal to assist you in developing the correct strategy for business transformation. The business consultancy process will help you shift some of the burden of leadership and gain clarity on how your business will develop.

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