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Weldtech (UK)

Posted in on Friday, March 13, 2020

Weldtech (UK)

Weldtech logo- welding supplies Carlisle

Weldtech UK are based in Dalston and dead handy for Stanwix people who need welding kit. They have professional and hobby welders along with a greta selection of welding equipment at their shop, 15 minutes from Stanwix, as well as online. The range of welders that they supply includes a full selection of MIG, TIG, MMA and multi process welders.

Weldtech premises at Dalston, just outside Carlisle

Weldtech premises at Dalston, just outside Carlisle.

Since First Engineering created their new brand, in 2013, they have specialised in making a fantastic range of the most effective and best value for money welding helmets available. Each has been carefully selected to provide the best protection at the best value, in line with recent recognition of the dangers of almost every kind of welding fume.

The great service helps to you keep the job moving; from the vast range of welding supplies which includes:

  • welding rods,
  • spare parts for helmets and torches and
  • a full range of welding accessories.

You will find everything you need to cover your RPE and PPE requirements. Weldtech staff, Geoff and Hannah, want you to carry out your work safely and comfortably. They can fulfill your orders whether your needs are for industrial scale work, you’re a small business with regular welding requirements, the creative industries or a home welding enthusiast.

The brand makes no claims to be the cheapest, as they prefer to be judged on their customer service and efficient, reliable turnaround. They are however, able to offer highly competitive prices for ESAB products, which they regard as the best in class.

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Weldtech (UK)


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01228 713458

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